Beer, Wine, and Liquor of the Month: Our September Picks

While we firmly believe any day ending in “Y” calls for a refreshing beer, the month of September features three holidays where a beer is definitely called for, starting with Labor Day on September 4. We think a cold brew is the perfect way to enjoy the long weekend and these last few days of summer. 

Two of our favorite holidays also fall in September, National Beer Lovers’ Day on September 7 and National Drink Beer Day on September 28, so you’ll definitely want to check out our extensive beer selection to be ready to celebrate these momentous occasions. 

September Beer, Wine and Liquor of the Month

September’s beer of the month is Tributary Oktoberfest. Coming in at 5.7% ABV, it’s brewed in the traditional Marzen style and cold lagered for six weeks. This rich, malt-forward amber lager also has a clean, delicate finish. Snag a four-pack for $12.99. 

With its purple-flecked ruby red color, Baglio di Pianetto Nero d’Avola — our September wine of the month — boasts intense notes of wild strawberry, red currant and pomegranate. Crisp yet smooth in the mouth, it concludes with a surprisingly lengthy finish. It pairs well with hearty pasta dishes, such as pasta alla Norma, as well as red meat and wild game. Priced at $11.99 a bottle, this is a perfect wine to buy in bulk to have on hand for your next dinner party, even if it’s a party of one.

Sugarland Distilling’s Eggo Brunch in a Jar Waffles & Syrup Sippin’ Cream was distilled in collaboration with Kellogg’s, Eggo’s parent company. This creamy alcoholic beverage is infused with the familiar flavors of a breakfast platter with notes of toasted Eggo waffles, fresh maple syrup, creamy butter and smoky bacon. Priced at $26.99, it’s the perfect accompaniment for a plate of waffles, or any other brunch food you like to eat — or drink. It also pairs well with coffee or other cocktails. 

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