Our Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Libations

It’s almost that time of the year – our favorite holiday is upon us! 

And while we love to get out and celebrate at all of Portland’s great pubs, we’ve also gotten a bit more accustomed to spending St. Paddy’s Day in a more lowkey setting – home! So what to pick up, you ask, if you’re skipping the crowds and bringing the Irish pub to you?

Let’s start with the beer. No St. Patrick’s Day is complete without a pint of Guinness, Ireland’s iconic dry stout and cornerstone of any good Paddy’s Day celebration. We also like Murphy’s Irish Stout, a classic choice and a sweeter alternative to Guinness’s more bitter flavor. 

Next, on the liquor front, you can’t honor St. Paddy properly without Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream. Pick up a bottle of both and you have almost everything you need to toast to the patron saint of Ireland. 

If you’re looking for some festive cocktail ideas, here are some of our favorites.

The Whiskey Mint Julep

Like the classic mint julep, but made with Irish whiskey instead. Put the leaves from one fresh sprig of mint in a rocks glass with ½ oz. of simple syrup and gently muddle with a wooden spoon to release the aroma of the mint. Add as much whiskey as you want to the glass, top with crushed ice, and stir well. Add a few more mint sprigs as a garnish and enjoy.

Lucky Leprechaun Shots 

These green and gold shots are super cute for a St. Paddy’s Day party. Dip the rim of your shot glasses in corn syrup and then in a dish of gold sprinkles. Pour in equal parts of Irish whiskey and apple schnapps and bottoms up!

Sparkling Shamrock Champagne 

This is a really pretty drink for the champagne drinkers! Add a few drops of green food coloring to a bit of sugar in a dish. Take a melon baller and scoop out as many balls of honeydew melon as drinks you’re making. Run a little piece of melon over the rims of the champagne flutes and dip all of the rims in the sugar dish. Pour a few shots of Midori melon liqueur into the flutes and then top with good champagne. Last step – put a toothpick through each melon ball and place gently on top of each champagne flute. Cheers!